Star Palace

Lido di Jesolo VE - Via Bafile, 530
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Lido di Jesolo VE - Via Bafile, 520
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Exquisite aesthetics
and functionality.

The Star Palace project combines exquisite
aesthetics and functionality, practicality and
wellbeing, with spatial solutions that never
overlook decorative and architectural aspects.

A rethinking of contemporary design

Architectural choices celebrate light, space, water and nature. Windows welcome sunlight which radiates throughout the building, enhancing the spacious rooms, brought to life through the dynamic interplay of solids and voids with suspended walkways, and the lush greenery, a feature guaranteed to calm the mind. Gently flowing water in the pool catches the sunlight, evoking the colours of the sea and the tranquillity of the waves. Star Palace: alive with quality.

A project
inspired by nature

Green islands and walls with many different varieties of plants create a truly unique atmosphere, highlighting a particularly strong ecological awareness.

An illuminated choice

Star Palace embodies these words from a renowned architect: “Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light”. Space, light and order. Those living the magic of these environments enjoy an atmosphere of lightness and wellbeing. At Star Palace, light is used with linear arrays of indoor and outdoor lamps, supporting the interplay of solids and voids in the evening glow and highlighting planting along welcoming and spacious corridors.

suspended elements

Connecting walkways have been designed as suspended elements, anchored to the perimeter of the structure with “invisible” fixings. This visual elegance is paired with excellent seismic-safety and stability characteristics, with near-zero oscillation values.

Selection of the best materials

The unique nature of Star Palace’s architecture and design is evident in the curated choice of materials supplied by fine artisans and prestigious Italian businesses. Every element has been specially selected, considered and approved. A shared objective: to offer the best products from companies and professionals committed to achieving superior results for buildings of the highest quality.


Kerlite di Cotto d’Este

Cotto d’Este Kerlite clads the exteriors: thin, extremely resistant, versatile and of the highest quality, it offers extraordinary durability and aesthetics. External and internal walls of the building and flooring in communal areas.

Natural Oak

Internal walkways and flooring in the apartments use natural oak boards that have been seasoned and oiled.

Large Windows

High-energy-efficiency glazing captures the sun’s warmth and avoids glare, allowing sunlight to spread throughout the core of the BIO covering.

Two-tone screen-printed

Two-tone screen-printed glazing offers a stylised reproduction of the star logo, mirroring the irregular pattern of bamboo canes across the entire length of surfaces on terraces, entrances and lift. Modular design changes between panels for vertical and horizontal combinations.

Flush panelling in White Ash

There are twenty-two metres of flush panelling rising from the ground floor to the top floor of the building. The entrance to each apartment is masterfully integrated in a perfect design with continuation of the veining in the ash, along with precise positioning of corner elements which are all seamlessly aligned.


Latest-generation compact mineral material that is perfect for the spa due to its additive-free antibacterial properties and a finish that is fabulous to the touch. Used in the wellness area, steam room and multi-sensory shower.

Calacatta Gres

The transparency of the shower cabinet combined with floor-to-ceiling stoneware with Calacatta finish give the bathroom space the comfort and luxury of an exclusive residence.

Bleached Oak

Internal flooring of apartments.

IPÈ Treated Wood

Open-air terraces are covered with IPÈ treated wood, a material that is very resistant to bad weather and does not require frequent maintenance.

Keep fit
all year round

The pool, wellness facilities and fitness area complete this unique living solution, designed with quality of life in mind.

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